Regulations require that a termite diagnosis be performed before any sale of a property located in an area subject to a prefectural decree.



Why search for termites in a property?

Detecting any infestation by termites, wood-eating insects likely to attack frames, floors, door and window frames, etc., in time is essential when we know the extent of the damage that these parasites can cause within a building

Important to know

The termite diagnosis is only valid for six months from the date of its completion. If termites are present, the work to be done to eradicate them can be delegated to the future owner through negotiation.

What is a termite diagnosis?

The termite diagnosis involves a visual, intuitive and punching analysis of all areas made accessible to the diagnostician by the client. On his report, the expert indicates the parts visited or not as well as any infestation, whether current or past. 

Penalties For Non-Compliance With Obligations

Obligation to realize the diagnosis

The fact that the owner does not justify the respect of the obligation to make the diagnosis can be punished by a fine of 1 500 €.


Consequence in case of absence

In case of failure of the owner and after a formal notice, the mayor may proceed, at his own expense, with the search for termites and the necessary eradication work.  

Obligation to incinerate or treat contaminated wood and materials

The fact of not carrying out the operations of incineration or treatment of the contaminated wood and materials can be punished by a fine of 1 500 €.

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