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Please read this information note in its entirety before sending information about yourself to BEST DIAG IMMO (noted below “we”).
We regularly update this document, in particular according to legal developments.

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We are responsible for the processing of the personal data.

We take the necessary measures to ensure a level of security to the said PDS, in accordance with the French law n°78-17, called “Informatique et libertés”, and the French law on data protection. Regulation (RGPD) n°2016/79 of April 27, 2016.

When you fill in out questionnaires or documents about you, the compulsory nature of the information you are asked to provide is
indicated by an asterisk, because this information is necessary to enable us to fulfill our obligations to you, namely to provide our services. If you do not provide us with the required information, we will not be able to provide you with the service expected.

Details of the personal DATA collected

We collect the DCP concerning you, that you communicate to us voluntarily, when you solicit us for a request for estimate
or for the realization of a Diagnosis of your real estate.
We collect and process data directly
personal data such as :
We collect and process indirectly personal data
personal data such as :

  • Name, first names of the owner, his postal address,
    telephone number, e-mail address, cadastral section
  • If necessary, additional information such as
    -identities and contact details of the occupants of the property (tenant for example),
    -identities of the persons in charge of the management of the syndic,
    Tax ID (for electricity)
    Number of lots
    Number of children and age (for lead)
    Photos of the property
    The results of the various diagnoses
    Additional documents containing DCP such as
    – Energy bills
    -The title deed,
    -The descriptive state of division,
    -The thermal study,
    -The Global Technical File,
    -Plans and sketches,

Purpose of the collection of personal DATA and storage period

2.1 Purpose
We collect PERSONAL DATA about you :

● when you ask us for a quote or for the realization of an Energy Performance Diagnosis of your property
● to carry out operations relating to the management of the commercial relationship (such as accounting, monitoring of our customer relationship)

2.2 Retention period

Personal data is kept for a period that does not exceed the time necessary for the purposes for which they were collected.
In this respect, we invite you to visit our site to consult the table dedicated to the duration of validity of each diagnosis (sale and rental).
In addition, the data collected for the management of the contractual relationship will be kept for the duration of the contractual relationship and in archiving for a period of five (5) years following the end of the said contractual relationship, when it is of administrative interest,
in particular for the establishment of the proof of a right or a contract.

Details of the recipients of personal DATA

The law requires us to transmit in certain cases certain PII to public authorities, or even to certain private actors, without obtaining your
consent; in other cases we transmit your PII only after prior authorization from you.
DCP transmitted without prior authorization from the interested party (owner)
DCP transmitted with prior authorization of the owner
Energy Performance Diagnosis: DCP transmitted to the ADEME
Technical Diagnostic File sent to the notary who annexes it to the promise to sell, or, in the absence of a promise, to the notarial deed of sale
In case of detection of termites, lead, asbestos, radon, mérules :
DCP transmitted to the Town Hall, the Prefecture and possibly to the ARS
Technical Diagnostic File sent to real estate agencies in charge of
in charge of the transaction
In case of Serious and Imminent Danger related to a problem with
to gas: DCP sent to the gas supplier
State of Risks and Pollutions – ERP : the state is established after a request made via a form accessible on the Natural Risk platform
In case of litigation: DCP transmitted to our insurer Responsibility
Civil Professional AXA
DCP transmitted to the editor of our ground software, namely the company
Liciel and to the company in charge of the hosting of our data, namely
the company Sogexpert
For the establishment of certain diagnoses: DCP transmitted to
competent laboratories, namely : Eurofins
We use the services of the company Google for the management
of our emails
The accounting firm Cabinet Nahmany 114 rue
Legendre 75017 Paris is in charge of our accounting.

  1. Details of where personal DATA is stored and security arrangements
    The personal data we collect is stored in the databases of our service provider Liciel
  2. Details of the rights of the persons concerned by the processing of their personal DATA
    We remind you that you have the right to access and rectify your personal data, as well as the right to portability of your data.
    Subject to the legal obligations incumbent on real estate diagnosticians, you also have the right to object, for legitimate reason to the processing of your PADs.
    You also have the right to object to the processing of your data for canvassing purposes and, where applicable, the right to lodge a complaint with the CNIL.
    You can exercise your rights at any time by sending a request to our customer service, accompanied by a photocopy of an identity document bearing your signature and specifying You can exercise your rights at any time by sending a request to our customer service, accompanied by a photocopy of an identity document bearing your signature and specifying the address to which the reply should be sent:
    ● either by email:
    ● or by post: 26 Rue des Sablons 95360 Montmagny
    A reply will then be sent to you within a period of between 1 and 3 months following receipt of the said request.