Lead Diagnosis


Detecting lead paint in homes built before 1949 is mandatory


Why and when should a lead diagnosis be performed?

Many buildings whose building permits were issued before 1949 contain paint containing lead, a metal that is dangerous to health if ingested or inhaled, especially for children under 6 years of age and pregnant women who transfer lead to the fetus.

A concentration of lead in the blood (blood lead) higher than 50 micrograms per liter leads to lead poisoning, which is why the regulations have established the obligation to carry out a lead diagnosis when selling or renting a home.

What is the objective of the lead diagnosis?

 It allows to detect and measure the lead content of the coatings of a dwelling, to indicate their state of conservation and to give the measures to be followed to eliminate the risk, such as flaking lead paints that young children could put in the mouth and swallow. Carried out with an X-ray fluorescence lead detector, the diagnosis mentions the coatings whose lead concentration exceeds the threshold value of 1 mg/cm².

The lead diagnosis report is valid for three years in the case of a sale and six years in the case of a rental


Important to know

Contrary to popular belief, the lead diagnosis does not include the search for lead pipes or lead in water.

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Asbestos before work

Before carrying out any renovation work, the owner is obliged to carry out this specific asbestos diagnosis in order to protect the people who will carry out the work AND the occupants of the property from the risks of exposure.


The thermal camera detects all sorts of anomalies such as thermal bridges, heat loss zones, infiltrations due to water leaks, the humidity level in the walls following water damage.

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We make high quality virtual tours at very affordable prices! To do this, our firm is equipped with the most powerful system on the market and a high definition camera.


Lead before work

The owner must imperatively from the consultation phase, transmit this specific lead diagnosis to the companies intervening on the building site in order to protect the people intervening on the building site.

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