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The measurement is mandatory for any sale or rental of a property in co-ownership. 

Why do we have to do a Carrez measurement for sale?

The sale of a property in co-ownership requires, before the signature of a promise or deed of sale, the measurement of the private surface area called “Carrez law”.

This legislative text aims to protect the interests of future buyers and precisely defines the terms of this complex measurement. The latter is entrusted to a certified and insured professional in order to avoid a reduction in the sale price in case of measurement mistake.


How to calculate the Carrez surface area?

To obtain a reliable result, the diagnostician must deduct some floor areas including those occupied by partitions, walls, sheaths, stairwells, steps, etc. as well as all rooms with a height of less than 1.80 meters and include other areas including those of the attic, whether or not fitted out, verandas, attics and basements other than cellars, parking lots and garages.

Why do we have to do a Boutin measurement for rental?

Measuring the living area of a dwelling intended for rental of a principal residence and indicating the measurement on the lease contract is an obligation. But it is still necessary to know how to correctly carry out the Boutin law measurement in order to establish a reliable measurement.

Indeed, the tenant can, after the signature of the lease, contest the announced surface if it is overestimated by more than 5 % compared to the real living space and have the rent initially fixed reduced in proportion to the noted error. The tenant has one year after entering the dwelling to contest the living area noted in the lease.


Why do we have to carry out the Boutin measurement by a diagnostician?

In order to save landlords from such inconvenience, a certified real estate diagnostician calculates the living area for them.

All our diagnosticians are certified and know exactly the surfaces to be deducted in order to obtain the exact value, including those occupied by walls, partitions, stairwells, etc., those of non-habitable premises such as unfinished attics, garages, basements, etc., or with a ceiling height of less than 1.80 meters.

In addition, measurement also involves knowing how to use a laser rangefinder and mastering triangulation in order to measure parts with complex shapes.

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