Detecting asbestos is a regulatory obligation related to health. Toxic material that decomposes into an infinite number of fibers invisible to the naked eye, asbestos is likely to be present in many buildings and single-family homes whose construction permits date from before July 1, 1997.


What are the different asbestos diagnoses and target materials and products?



Asbestos diagnosis for sale

Asbestos diagnosis for rental

Asbestos diagnosis for common parts


Asbestos diagnosis for sale

It consists in identifying the presence and the state of conservation of the materials of the list A (insulation, false ceiling and flocking) and those of the list B (interior vertical walls: floors and ceilings, conduits, pipes, interior equipment and exterior elements).


Asbestos diagnosis for rental

This is the diagnosis of asbestos in private areas (DAPP). Only list B materials are searched for such as sprayed coatings, hard coatings, floor tiles, garbage chutes, insulation, roofing accessories, bituminous shingles, asbestos cement pipes (….) a house does not require an asbestos diagnosis but it is strongly advised to plan for it to ensure that the dwelling does not present any danger for future occupants or people who may have to carry out work.


Asbestos Diagnosis of Common Parts

For the common parts of the co-ownerships, the professional and craft premises, the public buildings, the trade… it is the technical file asbestos (DTA). It concerns the materials of lists A and B. The survey report indicates, among other things, the date, nature, location and the result of periodic assessments of the state of conservation.

Asbestos Diagnosis Before Work or Demolition

Within the framework of work or demolition, it is a question of carrying out a specific identification which consists in identifying the materials of lists A, B and C. The search for these materials can be done by destructive sampling or dismantling.

Various mandatory diagnoses adapted to each situation.

As soon as real estate transactions (sale, rental), property management activities (condominiums, professional premises) or renovation/rehabilitation or demolition works are undertaken, it is essential to detect asbestos by means of asbestos diagnoses which differ according to the context but which are all intended to protect the population from any exposure risk.


In all cases, each asbestos search, i.e. detection of asbestos and control of its state of conservation if necessary, is oriented on one or more lists of materials and products containing asbestos appearing in the Public Health Code.




Important to know about the DTA

The DTA must be kept up to date and available for consultation by any person occupying the building. The Asbestos Technical File (DTA) must also be given to any company intervening for work before the intervention in order to protect its staff.

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Asbestos Before WorkS or Demolition Diagnosis

This specific mission requires the certification asbestos mention. Best Diag Immo is certified asbestos mention and have the required competence to carry out this specific diagnosis.



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