When should a lead diagnosis be carried out before the work or demolition?

May 10, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Before the works and more precisely during the consultation phase in order to know if there is presence or not of lead and thus to protect the personnel intervening within the framework of the works or the demolition.

Lead-based compounds were used until 2003, therefore it is strongly advised to perform the diagnosis even for recent buildings or equipment.

Then the diagnostician establishes the report of location including per room :

-the list and the results of the measurements (in mg/cm²) carried out

-a schematic plan of the building with the presence of diagnostic units (UD)

-the classification of the diagnostic units (DU) in relation to the threshold

-the list of metallic lead elements identified

-photos of materials containing lead.

To know : The diagnostician must not pronounce on the state of deterioration of the units or on the level of risk presented by the measured values. It is up to the companies working on the site to define the risk prevention and hygiene measures as well as the least polluting means of intervention. In the absence of a lead diagnosis, the site may be interrupted by the labor inspectorate.